Friday, December 10, 2010

CHRISTMAS at Moss Industry Florist and Home

"At MOSS Industry Florist and Home - you're never alone at Christmas!"Traditional as RED is at Christmas time, we decided to go with a feminine touch.
Individuality is what we like to live by at MOSS Industry.
This window installation is one of my favourites so far.Dreamy and pretty.
To bring back that old charm of Christmas we chose vintage decorations in milk glass, mercury silver and antique style etching detail.Our old cot is new in store and far too pretty to walk past without stopping.

Feathered hearts and dainty glass pears for the tree sitting on old silver trays

Hessian birds with natural jute string $15.50ea

Handmade angels by Danielle Fraser of MOSS.
Something perfect for your tree or front door!!
Dainty wings from old books,mulberry twigs for little legs and pretty a rose.
All angels are one off pieces and range from $55 - $100

Handmade book wreaths by Danielle Fraser of MOSS.

Silver birch branch sets a scene at Christmas with our large range of decorations.
Decorations from 3.95

Speckle birds,Harry Potter owls, feather hearts and more grace our front counter this Christmas.
From $8.95

MOSS Industry - Our Christmas corner

Glitter reindeers. $9.95ea


  1. just a note and a small one at that...your shop window makes my heart sing....

  2. Amazing Gifts.. I think all these are handicrafted.

  3. i really love that glitter reindeers. you have amazing collections.