Tuesday, August 31, 2010


New collages by Alex O'Halloran of Moss Industry.Featuring late 1950's & 60's images.This Vanity Fair collage is one of my favourites.
Gorgeous wrist wraps by Hannah Brauer.
New instore this week.
NEW Moroccan tea glasses in a range of gorgeous colours.Perfect for a cluster of pretty Spring blooms & as tealights.
Why not start your collection now.

Moroccan tealights.

In and around our store at Moss Industry

NEW bags by Indus.
Leather,wool and mohair hobo bags come in black and dark charcoal.
More styles instore now!
Indian prints, tea glasses, wooden bowls in all shapes & sizes.
NEW pod beads with hand carved hearts and crosses.
by Powell Designs
NEW Spring blooms!!!
Double headed ranunculas in delicate tissue white, red,vivid orange and spring yellow.
And a must see are our natives all the way from Western Australia.
We couldn't resist buying long stemmed blushing bride in soft pinks, geralton wax, unusual pod style Heakea balls & peris in bright frog green.
Red double headed ranunculas, purple anenome & geralton wax flowers in red

Spring isn't spring without a splash of yellow!
This week Moss Industry couldn't resist buying these large lush lemons,happy poppies, hyacinths in butter yellow and long stem yellow roses.

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