Thursday, April 8, 2010



Danielle's handmade lotus flower pod featuring skeleton leaves to create petals.
Danielle of Moss Industry florist was thrilled when she was contacted by the Victorian Farmers Federation and invited to exhibit at the International Melbourne Flower & Garden Show 2010.
10 of Melbourne's leading florist were asked to create a stand that would show people that the floristry industry is a truly creative profession.

The organisers thought it was time to inject fresh talent to the exhibition.

It was the first time florists had the opportunity to express themselves as florists and artists.

During the weeks leading up to the show, Danielle experimented with mock ups of each flower design and sketched what she visualised her creation to be when finally finished. She wanted to create a forest for the eyes........something that would symbolise what nature has left behind for us to admire.Everything was to be made by hand!

Danielle Fraser and Alex O'Halloran of Moss Industry at the Exhibitors night.

Georgie Imhoff photographer of Go Photo and Web took this amazing shot where she captured the shadow of Danielle's hand made bird cages against the back drop of our stand.

I love this!"Thank you Georgie!!!"

Large trunks of silverbirch were used to suspend handmade dramatic flowers from paper bark, enormous lotus pods with delicate skeleton leaves she called her 'Avatar flowers' and whimsical bird cages with little paper bark birds inside.

Alex setting up.Our background wall was painted matt black.We wanted it to be dramatic against the blonde tones of the flowers. The contrast was fabulous!

Hand made delicate birds sit in ribbon cages.

I've doubled up here........I guess I just love it.

Lotus pod flowers in our garden.

Moss Industry girls tired and happy in their fluoro safety gear.

Our background wall was truly enormous and took us 8 hours to paint.We were covered in black paint and and really relieved when it was finished.

Danielle setting up.

Danielle making her lotus leaf flowers.

Alex hanging the ribbon bird cages.

Bare and slowly pulling things into place.

Our Moss Industry logo was very important because it shouts out who we are!!

Danielle's garden creation
Palm husk petal flowers featuring fresh moss.**Thanks to our Dad & Karen for posting down these husks from their garden in Noosa Heads!!!

Skeleton leaves float on a bed of fresh moss.

Ribbon bird cages & pretty bark birds.

***We would like to say a very warm thank you to Georgie Imhoff - a truly amazing photographer and friend! We would like to thank her for taking time out of her very busy schedule to go to the show and snap a whole roll of film of our stand.

We cherish her genuine passion and continual support for Moss Industry & most importantly her friendship.We also love how she simply loves everything we do as much as we do.
From one sister to another, I'd like to say how proud I am of Danielle's amazing artistic work....... a huge achievement to be invited back next year to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Alex and Danielle
Moss Industry


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