Friday, December 11, 2009

MOSS Industry WINS BUSINESS of the WEEK on 3AW

Moss Industry Florist won business of the week on the 3AW breakfast show! I was thrilled to receive a phone call from 3aw radio station today to be told that I was this weeks business winner of the breakfast competition.A prize worth $200 of Cricketers Arms beers. Great for over summer!
I have been a dedicated listener to 3AW for years now and rarely miss a morning of the Ross & John show which goes on air between 5.30am - 8.300am - Monday to Friday.
I have a huge 'voice & humour 'crush on Ross and would love to meet him one day just because his sharp wit appeals to me so much!
Before settling down on the coast I used to work in radio so I should know better, but I just can't help admitting that I'm clearly a Ross groupie...........
Alex O'Halloran
If you CLICK on the image above it will link you to 3AW's home page where you will see the MOSS INDUSTRY business card logo and the fabulous plug they gave to our store in Barwon Heads!!

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