Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Girls from Moss Industry

Moss Industry Florist combines the artistic talents of sisters Danielle Fraser and Alex Turnbull.

Moss Industry opened in August 2006 and has never looked back.

Danielle's passion has been flowers since childhood.Her creative ability with both flowers and foliage is unique. Whether it be weddings,corporate events,photos shoots or special occasions, Danielle will create an intimately personalised arrangement.It's not an understatement to describe her as a flower fanatic.

She prides herself on the individuality of her floral designs and will source both the classic and unusual. Danielle's work is recognised by its fresh garden style, blooms on mass to grab ones eye, her use of berries, pods, leaves, fruit and dramatic foliage.

Alex Turnbull's artistic flair is woven into the Moss Industry tapestry.Her passion ranges from acrylic canvas painting, interior decoration, window decoration, and sourcing unusual and rare vintage furnishings, which all become part of the life line at Moss Industry.

This dynamic artistic combination of Danielle and Alex has created a floral haven which inspires the senses.

Come and immerse yourself in the Moss Industry experience...

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